Exterior Paint Colors to Help Sell Your Home in Plainfield, IN

Just as your interior color scheme is important to setting the mood for your home, your exterior paint colors are also essential in giving your guests a good impression.

Choosing the right paint colors is especially valuable if you’re hoping to sell your home.

The colors painted on your home’s exterior play a crucial role in determining its resale value.

Your house may look all nice and cozy inside, but if its exterior paint colors are “unappealing”, it might turn away potential buyers.

The paint colors you need should be something that is welcoming and appealing to a broader audience, making it easier and quicker for you to close a deal.

If you’re someone who plans to sell their home in the near future, here’s something you will find very helpful.

Here are some Exterior Paint Colors to Help Sell Your Home in Plainfield, IN.


White is a timeless color that works on almost everything, and it’s one of the most popular exterior paint colors because of that.

You might think that white is a color that looks too boring or mundane, but choosing a pleasant and flattering shade of white is key to getting it right.

Avoid stark, bright whites and instead, consider shades such as eggshell or off-white.

Painting your home’s exterior white allows potential buyers to envision the home in their preferred style or colors, making it seem more personal.

You can even add a splash of color, such as black or stained wood accents, for a modern and minimalistic look.


Blue is another classic color that will surely do any home justice.

This color is also extremely versatile, meaning you have a variety of shades to choose from, and it would still elevate your exterior’s visual appeal.

Dark blue shades shouldn’t be something to shy away from when navy blue exists.

This color matches well with light or neutral colors, giving your exterior a simple yet sophisticated feel.

On the other side of the spectrum, light blue shades are also a popular pick.

Light blue is a calming color that isn’t too bright but is also enjoyable to look at when hit by natural light.


Happy colors influence happy homes.

And what color is happier and more cheerful than yellow?

Yellow is an optimistic and inviting color – perfect for homeowners who like to have guests over often!

This color radiates positivity and friendliness, which will surely be a hit among more cheerful and extroverted buyers.

But do know that certain shades of yellow could be too overwhelming for some.

In which case, a safe yellow color would be more subdued shades, such as pale yellows.


Embodying the color of nature, green is a color that brings freshness and vitality to your home.

Muted and much paler greens such as sage green are a picture-perfect paint color for your house if you want to give your home a simple but noticeable aesthetic improvement.

Moss green or almost-olive greens are also great choices if you’re looking for darker green shades.

What’s more, is that it matches perfectly with colors such as browns and taupes for the perfect earthy color palette!


Gray, just like white, gives potential buyers a clean slate to work with.

This color can also be considered a neutral color, which can help buyers visualize how they’d want to paint or decorate the house how they want it.

Additionally, gray doesn’t have to be “just” gray as well since you can experiment with different undertones to slightly change the shade.

You can add blue, green, purple, or even yellow undertones to give it a unique look, and it’ll still be a pleasing sight to see for you and your clients!


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