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Painter Pro turned our “ehh” kitchen and living room into a gorgeous, relaxing place to be. We never had spent much time in either area, but after the work Painter Pro did, we spend any moment we can hanging out in both! Their professionalism was great and Sam followed up a number of times, even weeks later, to make sure we were happy with the job. THAT’S awesome customer service – definitely recommend Sam and his crew to anyone!
Anna WilsonPlainfield, IN

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Our Kitchen Cabinet Painting & Cabinet Refinishing Process

You’ll be able to enjoy your new, durable cabinet coating in no time – this is typically a 2-3 day process depending on the size of the project. To apply your new cabinet coating, we’ll:

  • Check the Surface Condition:We’ll perform a surface test to check the condition of the cabinets in addition to check for wear patterns to determine which areas may need extra preparation or protection.
  • Prep the Cabinets: If the cabinets were previously stained, then we’ll scuff up the surface by hand or mechanical devices – this allows for the primer to coat to properly adhere to the surfaces by removing the old finish. Before applying the primer coat, we will caulk any and all seams that need sealed up prior to the prime coat application.
  • Apply the Primer Coat(s): We’ll put down at least one or more coats of a good bonding primer to cover the surface completely and ensure the top coat adheres properly to the cabinet surface.
  • Apply Top Coat(s): Finally, we’ll apply our top coat once we’ve properly covered the surface with the appropriate amount of primer. Sometimes this may take more than one coat with proper drying time in between coats. Especially with darker colors it may take more to cover over the old color or stain.
Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Once the cabinet coating is applied, we’ll wait for it to dry and cure. Call 765-315-2273 today to set up an on-site consultation with Painter Pro. We’ll talk about your needs and let you know if cabinet coating is a good option for your space in Martinsville, IN.

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