Accent Wall Ideas: Include Art, a Mirror, or a Favorite Color in Your Design

Accent Wall Ideas: Include Art, a Mirror, or a Favorite Color in Your Design

Using an accent wall to bring attention to a focal point in your room can completely transform your space. You have so many options available and it is a simple way to draw attention to artwork, highlight a mirror, or simply use your favorite color in the room. Bold colors will add a dramatic effect to the room whereas soft colors can make the space more relaxing. You can achieve any look that you want with this simple, inexpensive home improvement.

Display Your Art

When you paint an accent wall, it will draw the attention of anyone who walks into the room. You can display your favorite artwork on the wall to really show it off. Make sure that you stick with solid colors on the wall so that your artwork is not lost. You should choose a color that brings out the art without overwhelming it.

You might want to place a table against the wall as well. You can use the accent wall to pull the room together and make your artwork the prominent feature. You should choose a wall without windows if you want your artwork to stand out. The artwork should hang alone on the wall.

Show Off Your Mirror

An accent wall is a great way to show off a focal point in your room. When you paint one wall a different color, it naturally draws the eye of anyone who enters the room. The contrast is a great way to add interest and you can bring in bold colors without overwhelming the room. This is a very flexible way to add décor to your room because you have unlimited choices of color.

Once you select a color, you can hang your mirror in the center of the wall. For example, if you have a navy blue accent wall, you can hang a silver mirror for a striking contrast. The mirror will add depth to your room and you can place a couch or other furniture against the wall as well.

Use Your Favorite Color

Painting an entire room hot pink or navy blue can be overwhelming but you can include these colors in your décor by painting an accent wall. As long as the decor in your room complements the accent wall, you should not shy away from using your favorite color. If your color choice is exceptionally bright, you might consider painting it on a wall that has windows. This will reduce the dramatic effect and still show off your favorite color.

An accent wall looks great when you adjoin similar or complementary shades. You can use neutral tones in the room to make your accent wall stand out. If you use white for the other walls, you can create a very modern look. Using an accent wall to feature your favorite color or a piece of artwork is an incredible way to personalize your home.

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