What Should I Do with Leftover Paint?

What Should I Do with Leftover Paint?

If you have just completed a painting project and you have leftover paint, you may wonder what you can do with it. Many people have cans half full of leftover paint sitting in their garage or closet. You can hang onto the paint in case you need to touch up a spot on the wall or use it for a smaller project, but over time painted walls will fade, so it will not do the job well any longer. Here are a few ideas of what you can do with leftover paint to brighten your home and prevent your garage from becoming a paint storage space.

Paint an Accent Wall or Door

One fun project you can do with leftover paint is to paint an accent wall or accent door. Accent walls are a great way to add color to a room, and they help create a focal point. You can paint one wall and strategically place furniture or artwork around it to draw people’s eyes to the contrast. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have enough paint for an accent wall, you can paint an interior door. It might be fun to paint a door bright yellow or blue, and you can be really creative and use geometric shapes to make it more interesting. 

Make Your Trim Pop

Another great project for leftover paint is painting your trim or molding. You can pick a room, such as the kitchen, and if the room is mostly white, paint your trim to make it pop. If you use a dark or bright color, the contrast will look incredible, and it will make your room feel lively and new.

You can also paint baseboards or window trim with your leftover paint. This is an amazing way to frame a window and make it more interesting. No matter what type of trim you choose to paint, it will give you a unique look that other homes do not have.

Revive Old Furniture

If you have an old table or chairs, a fresh coat of leftover paint can really bring them to life. You can apply this concept to old light fixtures and picture frames as well. Depending on how much paint you have left, there is a lot you can do to revive the dated items in your home.

Another choice is to paint the inside of your kitchen cabinets. When you open them, you will have a pop of color to brighten up your kitchen. You can paint the back walls of the cabinets or the whole interior, it just depends on how much paint you have left. 

Finally, you can give your garage a makeover. This is a fun place to paint an entry door or part of the walls. The garage is a great place to experiment, and you might come up with a look that you want to apply inside the house later. There are many things you can do with your leftover paint to prevent it from collecting dust in the garage.

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