Our Story

Painter Pro

I grew up around contractors; with my father running his own business as a plumbing contractor, and several friends and family in similar roles. Most notably, my uncle in Virginia who has built his boiler business to be the seventh largest company nationally in his industry, employ over 100 people and coming up on 40 years in business. My grandpa was a hardworking electrical contractor, so I am proudly a 3rd generation contractor. I have learned from the best and always loved going to job sites with my father as a child. I always remember going for rides in the new company vehicles when my father would pick them up from the dealership. This love for the business grew as I entered high school. I started my first company at 16, a landscaping business, with my cousin. We went knocking on doors and came across some good opportunities at the time, but nothing that would support us as adults long-term. This opportunity made my decision to attend college easier, because that is what everyone was telling me I had to do. I had to get a degree. 

I always aspired to be an architect because I loved construction and structures. This led me to take drafting classes in high school and later attend college as a civil engineering major. Although I loved my classes, I just did not feel right in engineering, it was not my calling. I withdrew from college after two years. After college, I started back up doing landscaping and other odd jobs. This led to an opportunity to paint for the company for a period of time. I took on the new opportunity and learned about the industry over a couple of years and really took a liking to the craft.

One day, I got a call from an old friend telling me her dad wanted me to come work for him. He was the vice president of a large lumber company in our area and wanted me to learn the ropes. So I started out on night shift for the company as a framer. I would frame houses in a factory setting for 10 hours, 5-6 days a week. I learned very quickly what it was like to work hard and fast. To make a long story short, over a period of less than two years, I had followed her father to two other lumber companies, and quickly worked my way out of the factory and into a management position. At 22 years old, I was in charge of a 20,000+ square foot warehouse that we stored all of the interior trim, doors, hardware, and windows at for the company. I was also in charge of two crews of window and door installers. Suddenly, I had nearly 10 people working for me, some of guys were even twice my age working for ME! This was a quick learning experience. I learned how to be a leader and how to effectively manage multiple production crews. The next promotion at the company moved me into sales and project management. I stayed on with the company for a total of almost 5 years before I started my business. While there, I worked on the largest accounts the company had as an inside sales representative. This taught me first hand how to make customers happy and the important lesson of ‘the customer is always right’. Our owner was the 2nd generation to run the company, and he knew how important it was to take care of his customers. It was always the customer first, which is an ideal that I adopted at my company when I started. It was a great learning experience for me to work for these few companies to see what worked and what did not.

I found myself content at the time while still working at the lumber company, but something was missing. As some would call it, my entrepreneurial spirit could not be contained for long. I needed to make a change soon. I founded Painter Pro in 2015 while still working a previous job. Painter Pro was created with the intention of revolutionizing the painting industry. Having painted for another company in my local market previously, I realized there were many things that needed to change.

A few things that stood out to me were obvious that needed innovation; one big item being communication, or lack there of. We were constantly frustrated with the lack of communication from the company to the painters and also to the customers. It seemed like something that should be simple was overcomplicated. Another key component I noticed in the industry was the lack of quality. I have always taken pride in my work, and honor the promise I make to my customers, even though it seemed like I was not allowed to do this. I would honor this promise anyways, and be told after that I took longer than I should have. My philosophy has and always will be, to never take any shortcuts or cut corners. This is how I was raised, how could I change that?  became very frustrated. I knew something needed to change.

This is what I founded my company, Painter Pro on. One requirement I tell everybody that is on our team is that our goal is to provide a high-quality finish while exceeding our clients expectations. One way we do this is by being great at communication. We provide a daily update via our project management software to our customers. In addition, we make sure that our clients our 100% satisfied, and will not accept anything less. We achieve this by having true craftsmen on our team, providing FREE Touch-Ups, and the best guarantees in our industry. You will not find a better warranty than what we provide.

Another problem that comes to my mind, is that as painters, we sometimes try to push our views and opinions on our customers. At Painter Pro, we are different! We actually listen and discover what it is you are looking for, then we deliver recommendations based on what your goals for the project are. Wow, what a concept! All joking aside, we are here to serve you, not ourselves.

We strive to make hiring us for your painting project the safe and easy choice. So the end goal is simple, “We Make Painting Easy”. No longer do you need to stress over hiring a contractor, let alone a painter! Our industry is littered by “fly-by-night guys” who leave people with horror stories. Trust me, I hear them all the time, and cringe every time I do. I remember one in particular of a contractor working for one day, not finishing the job, and leaving paint spilled all over the lawn and a pizza box?! It makes no sense to me, where is the trust? The customer hires you to do a job, and trusts you to finish on-time, and under budget. This is not rocket science! So let us take the stress away from hiring a painter, and take care of your project for you. We promise we will not leave until you are amazed by the transformation