Guide To Painting an Accent Wall On Your Home Interior in Greenwood, IN

2022-05-07 Painter Pro Greenwood, IN Guide To Painting an Accent Wall On Your Home Interior

If you happen to notice that your home interior seems to be looking drab lately, a sure way to aid this dilemma would be to paint an accent wall onto your home interior.

Accent walls are just striking and eye-catching additions to any space, and they can easily and immediately improve the overall aesthetics and appeal of a room.

So, if you’re here because you plan to get your very own accent wall, here’s something to guide you as you undertake your latest painting project.

Here is a Guide To Painting an Accent Wall On Your Home Interior in Greenwood, IN.

1. Choose The Right Wall To Paint It On

Choosing a wall to paint on is the first step to painting your own accent wall. 

There are various aspects to consider while choosing the perfect and ideal wall, including the position of the wall, if it is large enough to design on, and the type of lighting present in the space of that wall.

You’d want to end up with a wall that is free of any obstacles, such as furniture or cabinets, to see it in its entirety.

You should think about this carefully because, once you get your paintbrush to hit the surface, it will be difficult to go back if you later change your mind and realize that you want your accent wall painted on another wall.

2. Know Your Design Concept

An accent wall is typically a visually distinct wall from its surrounding walls, whether via color or the presence of patterns and textures – these distinctions make an accent wall so attractive and intriguing.

So, before you start working on your accent wall, you’ll need to settle on an overall design.

Furthermore, various design ideas are available online; a simple search and click will provide you with tons of options and choices, so just give it a quick skim and scroll to determine which one would best match your taste.

Additionally, an accent wall is not limited to flat paint – there are so many other ways you can create an accent wall with other elements, such as wood, wallpaper, and many other textiles.

So, get your game faces on, and let your creative juices unravel as you brainstorm the perfect accent wall for your home interior!

3. Choose The Right Colors

Once you’ve decided on what specific look and style you want for your accent wall, it’s time to decide on the paint colors!

You’ll want to make a list of the colors you’d want to use, and then go to your local hardware shop and ask for paint samples to help you narrow down your choices.

However, keep in mind that lighting has a significant impact on how colors seem – so be careful in picking your paint colors.

You should always test and check paint samples under the lighting of the surface you’re planning to paint since certain colors may appear darker or lighter, depending on the lighting present.

So, to be certain of how your chosen paint color will look, keep in mind to check paint samples under the right light so you can choose the right colors for your accent wall.

4. Prepare Properly For Painting

When you’ve finished shopping for paint and other supplies, the following step is to prepare the space where you’ll be painting your accent wall.

Ensure you have enough newspapers and drop cloths on hand to protect the floor from paint drips and spills, and use painter’s tape to cover any surfaces and corners you don’t want to be painted on.

In addition, remember that painting an accent wall takes time, so make sure the area you’re painting will not be used for the duration that you’ll paint it.

If you’re painting a surface, thoroughly inspect it for any damage or cracks, then repair and clean the surface as necessary.

5. Do Not Forget To Prime

When you’re ready to paint your accent wall, do not forget to apply a coat of primer, arguably the most critical element in a painting project.

Primer is specially designed to provide you with a cleaner, brighter, and more durable coat of paint – qualities that you look for in a good painting project.

If you’re planning on painting an accent wall, priming will help it last longer and look better in the long run.

6. Get Creative and Enjoy!

Once you have all the previous steps above, it’s time to paint your accent wall!

Just make sure that you do not get too excited in brushing – keep your strokes light and sure, and keep in mind to let your coat of paint fully dry before applying another coat to it.

Also, do not forget to enjoy and get creative when painting!


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