Handy Repainting Tips For Your Exterior in Plainfield, IN

2022-05-14 Painter Pro Plainfield IN Handy Repainting Tips For Your Exterior

It is important that you maintain the overall aesthetics of your home exterior since it is essentially the first thing that people see of your home and sets the first impression.

One thing that could easily elevate and rejuvenize the appeal of your home exterior would be to repaint it.

However, repainting your exterior comes with its own set of complexities – it is not as simple as you think.

So, if you’re currently looking for helpful, handy tips to guide you as you repaint your exterior, here’s something you’ll find useful.

Here are Handy Repainting Tips For Your Exterior in Plainfield, IN.

1. Try Powerwashing Your Exterior First

Power washing your home’s exterior should be the first thing on your to-do list when repainting it.

Your exterior is exposed to various contaminants, including dust, grime, some splattered and dried mud, and other dirt that could get stuck on it, which you should remove accordingly before painting it.

It is most recommendable to consider power washing your home’s exterior to clean it because a power washer is an extremely heavy-duty cleaner, and your exterior will definitely need some heavy-duty cleaning. 

Paint will also stick better to clean surfaces; just make sure that you allow your exterior ample time to fully dry since painting over a damp surface will result in another paint-related issue you don’t want to fuss over.

2. Don’t Forget Your Primer

You should never skip primer if you want a vivid and bright paint finish on your home’s exterior.

Some folks will easily skip primer since it costs a lot more money and time – people usually dismiss primer as just some extra, fussy step that isn’t really necessary.

However, this type of thinking leads to results that are less than half of what you expected and are generally disappointing.

Primer is designed to help paint adhere better, color brighter, and stay longer.

Primer also provides you with much better coverage and makes your coat of paint more durable and long-lasting.

This is a great advantage for painting your exterior because you want your coat of paint to be as durable and heavy-duty as possible.

3. Choose Your Paint Color Carefully

One common error that most people make when repainting their exterior is hastily picking out the paint color they will use.

Our exterior is lit by natural light, which significantly impacts how your paint color will appear.

Paint tends to appear cooler than it actually is in daylight, so when selecting a paint color, consider getting paint that is a shade warmer than what you first decided, so you will end up with a result that is similar to what you initially chose.

For example, if you’ve decided on a shade of shell white, you might want to choose a color that is two or three times warmer than shell white, simply so that when you apply and paint it onto your exterior, it will look more like the shade of shell white you originally picked.

4. Mix Your Cans of Paint

Another useful technique for repainting your home’s exterior is to mix paint cans.

Mixing your cans of paint in a big container will give you a consistent shade throughout your painting project.

This is referred to as “boxing” the paint by specialists.

This is important because, even though you have the same shade of paint, they do not have the same consistency from can to can, and that difference can result in a slight variation in shade.

To completely avoid this complication, make sure that you do not paint from can to can and mix all your cans of paint in one container.

5. Start Painting From The Top

Finally, in repainting the exterior of your house, a pro-tip would be to start at the top and work your way down.

This is to avoid drip marks running all over your fresh coat of paint, likely if you paint from the bottom first.

Also, painting from the top first allows you to work with gravity rather than against it, which will be a valuable ally in making your repaint job a success.


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