Wall Paint vs. Wallpaper

Wall Paint vs. Wallpaper

Are you done with your construction or renovation work and are in the process of deciding what will be the best choice for your walls? Well, in most cases, the selection space is slim, and you will have to choose between wallpapering and painting when it comes to doing finishes on your walls.

Remember, the walls of your home have the unique advantage of changing your interiors into elegant spaces that will remain the talk of your neighborhood as long as the finishes are professionally installed. 

In essence, you may transform a dramatic room into a soft and airy space by applying a light pale paint color. Similarly, wallpaper can transform your room from its ‘massive’ size to a cozier place with striking patterns if done professionally.

You have to dig deeper and look into the pros and cons of paint and wallpaper before committing your hard-earned money. 

Here are the factors to consider when choosing between wallpaper and paint when making your home finishes.

#1 The Preparation Process

It would be best to consider the length of time you will prepare your walls before installing the wallpaper or making it ready for painting. However, you may skip this point if your walls are bare. Nonetheless, preparation is part of the process you must think about if you have to deal with a finish of any sort mounted on your walls. 

Wall Paint vs. Wallpaper

Wallpaper vs. Paint

It may be an uphill task to remove existing wallpaper from your walls when installing a new finish. In particular, you need to be prepared to deal with a very tedious process that will need the right tools, your physical presence, patience, and time investment to be effective. In addition, even though you may choose to use a chemical to strip the wallpaper, you need to be extra careful to minimize the damages. 

Paint when compared to wallpaper

As opposed to wallpapers, paint presents you with significant advantages when you deal with a wall that requires prior preparations. For example, you only need 24 hours to let your walls dry if you deal with an imperfect surface. Similarly, you may apply a coat of primer paint well in advance over the original color to make the process much easier. In essence, you will need little preparation time when dealing with paint compared to wallpaper. 

#2 Durability and selection 

Remember, both wallpapers and paints come in many colors and kinds. While coloring will come in different sheens and glosses, most wallpaper will come in different colors, finishes, and vinyl surfaces. Here, you must consider your family’s lifestyle as the critical judgment point when selecting between wallpaper and paint, as highlighted below:  

Wall Paint vs. Wallpaper


In most cases, wallpapers will grant you durability as one of the most significant advantages. They are sturdy and can withstand physical wear and tear pressures caused by children, pets, and high traffic.  

Though durable, wallpapers also come with a disadvantage. Remember, the wallpaper you purchase from the local store will come with an adhesive. Unfortunately, this makes them ineffective when applied in high moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms, as they will start peeling from the wall. 


Paint has been proven to be the best option for areas in your home that need easy and inexpensive application. Similarly, some types of color, like high gloss and semi-gloss, are highly durable when used in exteriors and trim surfaces. Likewise, your interior walls will present an excellent finish when using eggshell, satin, or flat sheen. 

However, you may need to install repairs and repaints any moment your walls get damaged, scratched, or hit. Such maintenance won’t be necessary with wallpaper. 

#3 The location 

The room’s location will act as a significant determinant of whether you should adopt paint or wallpaper. Remember, some areas of your house, like the bathrooms and washrooms, need a lot of creativity.  


Most of the modern wallpaper manufacturers will present you with something relatively durable. However, it would help if you remembered that wallpapers are most likely to peel off when installed in moist conditions and locations like your bathrooms. So remember, you want something that will grant you a flawless finish with a lot of ease.  


Paint is the best option for application in almost every part of your house. In particular, you must consider adopting paint for the rooms of your home that are humid and moldy.  

Wall Paint vs. Wallpaper

 #4 The Cost  

Cost must be a major factor to consider when installing wallpaper or applying paint on your walls. Often, you will find yourself grappling with the question, “is paint more expensive than wallpaper?” Well, this greatly depends. Remember, there are factors to consider when vetting the cost-effectiveness of wallpapering over wall painting. So, please read on to know whether you should go for wallpaper or paint the next time you operate on a strict budget.


Wallpapers are readily available in retail stores and hardware stores in your hood. However, you might have to spend more when dealing with wallpapering as a one-time investment as they will come at a higher cost than painting. However, the longevity of wallpapers makes them a cost-effective choice in the long run. 

Wall Paint vs. Wallpaper


In comparison, paint is readily available at any hardware store in your area. Similarly, you will need minimal time, resources, and skill investments anytime you deal with paint. This aspect only shows that the overall costs when conducting the painting will be relatively lower compared to a wallpaper job. 

Paint or Wallpaper? You Decide!

Wall Paint vs. Wallpaper

Paint and wallpaper have remained as the key options any time you want to decorate your home. As discussed, both painting and wallpapering have their advantages and disadvantages. Wallpapering comes with beauty and sturdiness as the major advantages.

However, painting is cost-effective and suitable for all locations in your home, and easy to prepare. As such, paint becomes the option of choice when dealing with your wall repairs and restoration.

In the end you will notice that you want to go with less time-consuming activities and would prefer to go with professional painters who will add value to the rooms in your house. The right painters, like Painter Pro, will make sure to leave your rooms looking fantastic.

If you are looking for interior additions that last longer, reach out to the professionals at Painter Pro today to start your painting project.

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Wall Paint vs. Wallpaper

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