Four Reasons Why Your Interior Paint Is Peeling

peeling paint

Peeling paint can be an unsightly problem for any property owner. Its flaky look gives the interior of your property a rustic and old appearance that you never intended it to have. Furthermore, a bad paint job can even break a sell of your property.

The root of paint peeling is caused by the loss of adhesion between the paint and the surface. If you want to avoid this problem and get to the cause you should know there are a wide number of reasons for paint peeling. Here are just a few of the reasons your paint is chipping away.

1.Excessive Moisture

After a few years, water can seep in between the bond of paint and surface. This can weaken their adhesion and cause layers of paint to separate away from the wall, ceiling or door. This moisture can come from a number of different sources like faulty pipes, bad construction or frequent water contact.

2.Paint Layers

Our style changes over the years and what better way to express that change than through a new paint job? While a new layer of paint seems glossy and thin to you, it still adds weight upon existing layers of paint. After several dozen new paint layers, it may begin to fall because of its own weight.

3.Poor Priming

Different types of paint are suited for different surfaces. A primer is necessary if you really want to build that needed adhesion. Without the proper cleaning or primer, your paint may begin to peel after a short time.

4.Combining Different Paint Types

There are two different paint types that are used within interiors: oil and latex. Each of these has its own pros and cons. However, combining the two isn’t usually a good idea as strong adhesion may not occur and cause future peeling.

If you want to prevent future peeling you should hire experts in the business. Call Painter Pro at 317-210-5243 or send an email today to get the paint job you have been dreaming about!

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