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How Repainting Can Improve Your Business

How Repainting Can Improve Your Business

A faded, outdated coat of paint can make your commercial business look dilapidated and unprofessional. One of the easiest ways to improve your curb appeal, increase worker productivity, or update the look and feel of your commercial space, is repainting. Find out all the benefits you can enjoy when you hire a professional commercial paint contractor today.


Professional Appearance

An improperly maintained exterior coat of paint communicates a business that is shabby and unprofessional. Maintain a professional look and feel to your company by routinely updating your paint. Whether you add a fresh, new color to your interior, or repaint the exterior in your same memorable style, show your customers that you are willing to invest in proper maintenance of your facility.


Improved Employee Productivity

Drab, faded colors can affect the mood of anyone in your building. By choosing either calming or exciting colors, you can affect the mood and overall productivity of your employees. Choose a color that compliments the activity of the room, or ask a painting contractor to determine the best color palette for your new, reimagined workspace.


Memorable Curb Appeal

For many customers, the color of your siding and trim will be their first impression of your company. Don’t let chipped paint communicate a company that doesn’t care about the details. Whether you’re operating a marketing firm, convenience store, or daycare, keep your building fresh, clean, and inviting with a new coat of paint.


Weather-Resistant Protection

Exterior paint is particularly important to keep your building weather resistant. Chipped paint can let moisture in and damage siding or leak into your walls. This will cause exponential damage and increased costs of repairs, like replacing drywall and removing mold.


Once you’re ready to refresh your building and inspire your customers and employees, contact Painter Pro at 317-210-5243 for more information about professional painting services. We have a team that is experienced in commercial painting for large factories and small stores, both inside and out.

peeling paint

Four Reasons Why Your Interior Paint Is Peeling

Peeling paint can be an unsightly problem for any property owner. Its flaky look gives the interior of your property a rustic and old appearance that you never intended it to have. Furthermore, a bad paint job can even break a sell of your property.

The root of paint peeling is caused by the loss of adhesion between the paint and the surface. If you want to avoid this problem and get to the cause you should know there are a wide number of reasons for paint peeling. Here are just a few of the reasons your paint is chipping away.

1.Excessive Moisture

After a few years, water can seep in between the bond of paint and surface. This can weaken their adhesion and cause layers of paint to separate away from the wall, ceiling or door. This moisture can come from a number of different sources like faulty pipes, bad construction or frequent water contact.

2.Paint Layers

Our style changes over the years and what better way to express that change than through a new paint job? While a new layer of paint seems glossy and thin to you, it still adds weight upon existing layers of paint. After several dozen new paint layers, it may begin to fall because of its own weight.

3.Poor Priming

Different types of paint are suited for different surfaces. A primer is necessary if you really want to build that needed adhesion. Without the proper cleaning or primer, your paint may begin to peel after a short time.

4.Combining Different Paint Types

There are two different paint types that are used within interiors: oil and latex. Each of these has its own pros and cons. However, combining the two isn’t usually a good idea as strong adhesion may not occur and cause future peeling.

If you want to prevent future peeling you should hire experts in the business. Call Painter Pro at 317-210-5243 or send an email today to get the paint job you have been dreaming about!

painting contractor

3 Things to Look for When Hiring a Painting Contractor

Searching for a painting contractor in Martinsville, Indiana seems overwhelming. However, knowing what qualities you should look for in a painting contractor makes the process of searching much easier.

1. Reliability

Whether you need minor touch-ups around your house or you want the entire home painted, it’s important to know that your painting contractor is trustworthy. In order to find a reliable painting contractor, it is helpful to read reviews and look into what a painting contract company promises its customers. If reviewers mention that a contractor left their home looking like a mess, you’ll know to steer clear of that contracting company. Search for a company that has reviewers who rave about the promptness and cleanliness of the contractors.

2. Satisfaction Guaranteed

A fresh coat of paint drastically improves the look of a home’s interior or exterior. Likewise, a bad paint job makes a room or home stick out in the worst way. When you’re searching for a painting contractor, it’s often best to find a contracting company that guarantees you’ll be happy with your results. With the promise that you’ll be satisfied, you feel confident that your painting contractor will focus on delivering you with the perfect results.

3. Quick Turnaround Time

On your own, painting a room in your home or the exterior of your home is a difficult, time-consuming endeavor. Ideally, hiring a painting contractor should make the process much quicker, though not all painting contractors work at the same pace. When looking for the right contractor, make sure to ask for an estimate of when the project should be completed. Reviewing a company’s portfolio also helps you find a company that isn’t sacrificing quality in its pursuit of meeting a deadline.

Hiring a painting contractor doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if know to look for a company that is reliable, guarantees you’ll be happy with the results and has a quick turnaround time. For results you’re sure to love, call the painting professionals at PainterPro at 317-210-5248 or email today.

Warm paint colors

Use Paint To Keep Your Interior Delightful This Winter

Use Paint To Keep Your Interior Delightful This Winter

The bitter cold and gray skies of winter are on the horizon, and as soon as it sets in, it can feel like the dreariest time of year will never end. This is the perfect time to turn the inside of your home or business into a cozy retreat, and there’s no simpler way to do so than with a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Read on to learn why warm paint tones should be at the top of your list for consideration.

Why Go Warm?

The eyes interpret warm hues as moving towards you, in turn making spaces feel a bit smaller. This is why you’ve likely heard it said at one point or another that you shouldn’t paint a small room a dark color, but this is the perfect time to make your own rules. In contrast, the advancing visual illusion of these shades helps spaces feel contained and cozy, making them exceptional for a room where you like to gather.

Stimulate the Senses

Forget hibernating when temps turn frosty. While the desire is strong to hunker down inside when things outside look gray and bleak, spending time surrounded in warm-based colors provides stimulation and promotes activity. This makes these colors great choices for rooms that get a lot of use. Think of how they could stimulate conversations, imaginations, and motivation.

How To Choose a Warm Wall Color

Now that warm paint shades are on your radar, explore what constitutes a warm hue. Base tones of warm colors tend to be yellow and red, which automatically adds reds, yellows, and oranges to the roster of color possibilities, however, you aren’t limited to shades in those particular color families. Any palette with those undertones provide the intended safe feeling, meaning that even some purples, greens and blues can remain in the running.

Get started on your painting project today by contacting Painter Pro today. As painting experts, we’ll help you choose just the right color. Give us a call at 317-210-5243 or send an email to Painter Pro to book an estimate today!

Interior Painting Maintenance

Why Invest in Interior Painting Maintenance for Your Commercial Property

Why Your Commercial Property needs Interior Painting Maintenance

When it comes to taking care of your commercial property, you need to think about interior painting maintenance. Periodic maintenance keeps the interior paint looking clean and fresh for years to come. Not only will this extend the life of the paint but also it keeps moisture from seeping into your building. Moisture, after all, causes extensive damage. When it comes to investing in maintenance, here is why you need to.

Routine Inspections Are Cost-Saving

Routine inspections are a part of a good maintenance plan. During an inspection, painters typically look for the following:

• Cracks and holes
• Cosmetic issues
• Moisture buildup in the building components
• Extensive water damage

If a painting contractor identifies these problems quickly, he or she can remedy them.

Maintenance Repairs Fix Defects

You may not notice hairline cracks or small holes in your commercial building. Even if you do, you may not know what to do about it. A painting contractor will be able to perform interior painting maintenance on your building. Painters use sealants to make sure that your building is watertight.

Interior Painting Maintenance Prevents Mold

Excessive moisture leads to mold and decay. Once you have a mold problem, it spreads quickly and can become out of control. The best fight against mold is to have proper maintenance done regularly. This will keep water from building up in your property and leading to extensive damage.

If you want to take care of your commercial property, you have to pay extra care to the paint job. Paint protects against the elements. If you have your property regularly inspected, you are less likely to have to shovel out your savings towards repairs in the future. For help with interior painting maintenance, contact Painter Pro by calling 317-210-5243 today!

Wall Colors for your office

Using Wall Color for your Office

Tips for Using Wall Color to Set the Tone for Your Office

Research has shown the impact that color has on productivity. It’s why the smartest business owners are deliberate in the colors they choose for their workspaces. It’s exciting to think that something as basic as paint can potentially influence your bottom line, but it’s not always clear just how to harness this unique tool. Here are some ideas to get started setting the tone of your office with wall color.
Consider the Main Use for The Space
Are employees primarily processing paperwork at desks, or taking calls in a tech lab? Do you want your employees to be motivated to move quickly or relaxed to think hard and make thorough decisions? Each is influenced by color. The intensity of a color influences whether a color is soothing or stimulating. Thinking about this helps direct you to a pastel, a primary or something in between based on your work goals.
Consider Color Combinations
Research has linked each color to different parts of the mind. The thought is that red affects the body, blue the mind, yellow self-confidence and green, the essential balance between the mind, the body and the emotions. Consider mixing colors to trigger multiple feelings. Buttercream wall color with a deep blue accent wall, for example, could stimulate emotions as well as mental acumen.
Build Themes
To create a feeling, build your decor around a color family. Earth tones, for instance, trigger feelings of stability, helping to create a welcoming atmosphere and promote good and lasting relationships. Try earthy terra cotta, brown, tan or gold for an office of sales or marketing professionals charged with building relationships, for instance.
Color is one of the most exciting, vibrant parts of our day. If you are looking to add color to your office, Painter Pro provides high-end painting, tailored to your specific needs. Contact us by calling 765-315-2273 or visit our website today!

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