How To Choose Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors in Greenwood, IN

2022-06-21 Painter Pro Greenwood IN How To Choose Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Kitchen cabinets provide you with both a pleasant view and practical usage.

For many homes, kitchen cabinets are the focal piece of a homeowner’s kitchen.

With that in mind, how your kitchen cabinets look is key to improving your kitchen’s overall aesthetics.

Painting is one of the most popular ways to spruce up your interior – and it’s a great way to maintain it too!

There are plenty of colors and color schemes you can try out, which may get a bit confusing if you don’t have a specific one in mind yet.

If you’re looking to give your kitchen cabinets a whole new look, here’s How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors in Greenwood, IN.

Consider Your Kitchen’s Furniture and Style

Unless you’re deciding to remodel or repaint your whole kitchen, taking your kitchen’s existing furniture and style into account is a step you wouldn’t want to skip.

Try to work with colors that match well with your kitchen’s current color palette.

In contrast to that, you can also paint your kitchen cabinets in something that’s the complete opposite to make the color really pop.

Your kitchen’s style and design could also give you an easy indication of which colors would look best on them.

Traditional-styled kitchens and kitchen cabinets would look perfect with neutral shades or even subdued hues to give it the ultimate classy look.

Bolder and richer colors, on the other hand, are great for more modern-styled kitchens.

Use Paint Samples

If you’re still indecisive or if you have a hard time choosing which shade of blue or cream you like, you can always use paint samples.

Paint samples are a great way to test out possible color choices, and they have the added benefit of letting you know which ones look best at any time of the day.

You can place multiple paint samples on the areas you plan to paint so you can observe how it looks under natural light.

That way, you can get a clear idea of how it would actually look in your kitchen and determine whether it’s how you imagined it to be.

Be sure to observe the samples at different times of the day to help you decide which one looks best.

Think About the Future

If you’re someone who has plans of putting your home on the market in a few years, then you should base your color choices on resale value.

The kitchen will be one of the selling points of a home, and it’s certainly something most – if not all – potential buyers would want to take a look at.

In that case, have your kitchen colors painted in muted or neutral colors.

Colors that are too bold or rich may be too overwhelming, and fewer people may be interested in buying your property.

You can add a splash of color here and there, but it’s best to give your buyers a neutral space so you can give them the freedom to imagine themselves owning the home.

Choose Something You Like

At the end of the day, the colors you choose to paint on your kitchen cabinets should be ones you enjoy.

If you aren’t planning to sell your home in a few years’ time, then, by all means, show your creativity and personality through your home’s color scheme!

There’s no point in choosing “trendy” colors that you’ll eventually grow out of, so one of the most important things in choosing kitchen cabinet paint colors is to find something you’ll love having and seeing in your kitchen.

The last thing you want to happen is to be stuck with colors you regret, so be sure to pick ones you’ll love for years to come!


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