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2022-07-28 Painter Pro Plainfield IN Reasons To Hire A Professional For Your Commercial Property

Reasons To Hire A Professional For Your Commercial Painting Project in Plainfield, IN

When you’re planning to undertake a commercial painting project, one of the best options you have would be to hire paint professionals to do the job for you.

However, it is also no secret that hiring paint professionals can be expensive – and this is mainly why most business and commercial property owners think twice about hiring them.

But, this doesn’t mean that hiring paint professionals are merely just expensive – there are good reasons why they are expensive.

So, if you’re currently unsure whether or not to hire paint professionals for your commercial painting project, here’s something you will find very helpful and informational.

Here are Reasons To Hire A Professional For Your Commercial Painting Project.

1. Professionals Have The Expertise

One great reason why you should hire a team of professionals for your commercial painting project is the fact that professionals have the expertise and experience to guarantee you better and high-quality results.

While there is no problem doing all the painting work on your own (if you’re up for the job), you cannot deny the difference in quality between a self-made painting project and a professionally-made painting project.

Additionally, we are talking about a commercial painting project, which has an impact on your business venture and customer satisfaction, so you will want to ensure that you provide them with the best quality possible.

2. Professionals Work Faster and More Efficiently

Since you’ll be painting your commercial building or property, you’d definitely want to do it in the littlest time possible to resume operations right away – and professionals can guarantee you this.

Because professionals have the expertise and the experience, they will be able to determine how to work your painting project in the quickest and most efficient way possible, without sacrificing the quality of your project.

Additionally, professionals just work faster because they are equipped with a team – something that will take you a week to do will just take professionals two or three days to finish, and with better quality and finish.

3. Professionals Have All The Right Tools

A commercial painting project is, by all means, a large-scale painting project, and it will definitely require you to acquire so many painting materials and tools that will be just expensive and tiring to get all by yourself.

But, when hiring paint professionals, you can ensure that they will have all the right tools and equipment needed for your commercial painting project – saving you the hassle of shopping and buying them on your own!

Additionally, one great perk of having professionals in your commercial painting project is that they will be able to know the right kind of painting materials to employ for your particular painting project, and how to properly use them.

4. Professionals Will Save You Time and Money

Lastly, one great and solid reason to opt to hire paint professionals for your commercial painting project is that, in the long run, hiring them will save you so much time and money.

But hiring paint professionals can get expensive, so how do we exactly save money?

While hiring professionals can indeed get expensive, you have to think of it as an investment – you are investing in proven, high-quality results, and ensuring that you are getting the best value for your money.

Additionally, doing a DIY painting project on something as large-scale as your commercial property or building is risky, because you will have more chances for failure than success – which will only entail you to hire paint professionals to fix what you have done, doubling the expense you could have saved had you only opted to hire professionals in the first place.

So, while you do spend extra at first in hiring paint professionals in painting your commercial property, in the long run, you’re really saving yourself of the hassle and expense of redoing and revisiting your project sooner than you would have wanted.


The team of professional painters at Painter Pro can help with your residential and commercial painting needs today.
With our various points of expertise, equipment, and commitment to excellent service delivery, we are sure to conduct any type of interior painting or exterior painting with finesse.
If you require quality teams for your painting needs, reach out to us at (765) 315-2273 and let us strike up a conversation.

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2022-06-28 Painter Pro Plainfield, IN Choosing The Best Paint Finish For Your Business

Choosing The Best Paint Finish For Your Business in Plainfield, IN

When it comes to running a business, the quality of your goods and services isn’t the only key to its success.

Your commercial property’s aesthetics are equally important in gaining new customers and building customer trust as well.

As a business and commercial property owner, it’s in your best interests to protect and maintain your property.

Painting doesn’t just solidify the look of your business, but it protects your commercial property from dirt and the elements too!

Painting doesn’t just stop at choosing the right paint colors, but picking out the right paint finish is also crucial.

If you’re still debating on which paint finish to go with, here’s an article on Choosing The Best Paint Finish For Your Business in Plainfield, IN.

1. Understand The Different Types of Paint Finishes

Paint finishes come in a variety of types, all of which determine how well the paint reflects light.

Each type of paint finish has its own charm and knowing what each one is best used for can help you get a clearer idea of what type you want to choose.

If there’s one thing you should keep in mind, it’s that the shinier the finish, the more durable it is.

So, areas that will see a lot of foot traffic should have a semi-gloss or high-gloss paint finish.

Flat or matte paint finishes are the opposite of this, as they reflect the least amount of light and give off zero shine.

This type of paint finish works well in places with low foot traffic.

Eggshell paint finishes are perfect for when you need something that’s in between flat and glossy finishes.

They’re perfect for areas that see a decent amount of foot traffic.

Satin paint finishes are also an in-between finish that’s perfect for surfaces that need to reflect a bit more light.

2. Always Consider The Environment

A lot of things can affect the final look of a painting project – one of those is the environment your commercial property is in.

The environment can drastically affect the paint finish, so it’s best to choose one that holds up well despite it.

If your commercial property is in a humid area, you’d want a paint finish that is durable and can hold up well to humidity.

Glossy paint finishes are your best bet for this kind of environment because of their high durability, and it also acts as a protective seal against moisture.

For properties in higher temperatures, a semi-gloss finish would work well even when exposed to heat.

Eggshell paint finishes are your best bet if you want to manipulate how the light looks in a certain area. It can brighten up areas in low light during different times of the day, and it also works great in high light areas.

3. Think Of Your Branding

Where there is a business, there is a brand.

How your commercial property looks – logos and color schemes included – are crucial in forming your business’ brand identity.

All these elements that make up your branding should look cohesive and well put together.

So, the corresponding paint colors and finishes for your commercial property should match well with your brand’s visuals, such as your logo.

For bold and catchy logos, glossy paint finishes will fit well.

Formal, more sophisticated logos or overall matte logos can also be paired with matte paint finishes.

4. Study How Color Affects People

It’s no secret that different colors have different effects on people.

Some colors can influence people’s moods, such as red for hunger and blue for focus.

Paint finishes have this same effect too, and it also enhances the overall ambiance of the space.

Matte or eggshell paint finishes greatly complement areas that are minimalistic.

Cafes or restaurants benefit from this as it gives the atmosphere a cozy vibe while still letting customers focus on their food.

Glossy paint finishes are great for spaces you want to bring a lot of energy, as they can add to that wow factor plenty of customers will like.


The team of professional painters at Painter Pro can help with your residential and commercial painting needs today.
With our various points of expertise, equipment, and commitment to excellent service delivery, we are sure to conduct any type of interior painting or exterior painting with finesse.
If you require quality teams for your painting needs, reach out to us at (765) 315-2273 and let us strike up a conversation.

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2022-05-28 Painter Pro Plainfield IN Tips For Repainting Your Commercial Property

Tips For Repainting Your Commercial Property in Plainfield, IN

The overall aesthetics and appeal of your commercial properties are important, because these are what sets the appeal of your business to your possible customers.

So, it is important that when needed, you update and maintain the appeal of your commercial property.

One of the most transformative things you can do to it to really elevate and refresh its appeal would be to repaint it.

So, if you’re currently planning to repaint your commercial property, here’s something to help you.

Here are Tips For Repainting Your Commercial Property in Plainfield, IN.

1. Remind And Inform Your Customers And Employees Of The Project Ahead of Time

Coworkers, employees, renters, and customers benefit from a healthy work environment if treated with respect, honesty, and integrity.

So, with this in mind, you must remind and inform your customers and employees of the painting project you’re planning to undertake ahead of time.

As a result, they will be able to make the required preparations for the upcoming project and will be able to adjust easily and seamlessly to the situation at hand.

This is important because you will want to continue with the project without jeopardizing your colleagues’ trust, so make sure that you won’t forget this important tip.

2. Preparation Is Fundamental

To ensure that your repainting project will be successful, you will want to plan ahead of time so that your customers and employees can be fully informed of the before, during, and after stages of your painting project.

Also so you can be in full control of the whole duration of the project.

The time, money, and other considerations that go into painting your business property must be taken into account before you begin the process.

Since you’re repainting a public space, it is important to be even more prepared for all the circumstances that might happen – a sloppy painting job almost always roots in a lack of proper preparation.

So, to ensure your project’s success, remember that preparation is fundamental.

3. Don’t Forget To Prime All Your Surfaces

Whether commercial or not, every painting work requires the use of a primer.

You must keep in mind that primer will provide your paint with the best finish possible.

It strengthens the bond and adhesion of your paint onto your surface and offers better coverage for your surface so that your paint will look even more vivid and brighter.

Additionally, using primer improves the paint adhesion to your walls and acts as a barrier between the paint and the wall.

It offers an additional layer of protection for your coat of paint, which relatively strengthens its durability and lengthens its life.

Also, it’s excellent for hiding persistent stains and flaws in the walls of your home.

So, do not forget to prime if you want your coat of paint to last a long time!

4. Decide Whether To Keep the Existing Color Scheme or Change It Up

The color scheme of your business property should be one of the first decisions you make.

You’ll want to decide whether to keep your existing color scheme or completely change it up.

Deciding to keep your existing color scheme would be great for building your brand and cementing your identity, and it also fosters a sense of customer familiarity and loyalty to your brand.

However, this doesn’t mean that changing things up with your brand is damaging to your business’ rep.

It actually can help you continue bettering and improving your brand identity!

So, think this through comprehensively first, so you can make a decision you’ll move forward with rather than something you’ll regret later.

5. Go For A Final Walkthrough

Lastly, a final walkthrough with a painting contractor is best to verify that your whole painting process goes as planned.

It is helpful to estimate how much everything will cost and how long it will take to finish.

Before doing anything else, it would be beneficial if you made a point of examining for any repairs that may be necessary.

These might cost you more money than expected if you don’t pay attention to them.

Before concluding that a project has been successfully completed, it’s best that you also conduct post-project walkthroughs.

This is only to ensure that the project is completed without error and that no issues arise.


The team of professional painters at Painter Pro can help with your residential and commercial painting needs today.
With our various points of expertise, equipment, and commitment to excellent service delivery, we are sure to conduct any type of interior painting or exterior painting with finesse.
If you require quality teams for your painting needs, reach out to us at (765) 315-2273 and let us strike up a conversation.

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Interior Painting Maintenance

5 Reasons to Hire Professional Commercial Painters

It might seem like a simple solution to paint your commercial property on your own or to hire a local repair person. However, there are a number of reasons it’s better to seek a professional painter. Why hire commercial painters? We have five reasons:


1. Insured to Protect You

Almost all commercial painters carry insurance to protect their customers and employees from accidents and incidents that occur during the course of the contracted work. Make sure the company you hire is insured.


2. High-Quality Work

Experience counts, and the right professional painter will have plenty of it. Experience translates into a beautifully finished job with a focus on detail. Expect a properly prepared surface and a painting process that delivers a long-lasting final product.


3. Long Term Investment

Many people will take the work on themselves thinking that they could save a buck or two. However, hiring a professional commercial painter could save them more in the end. Investments in paint and supplies can sometimes cost more than what a painter might quote. Professional paint jobs also often last much longer than a DIY job.


4. Time Savings

Not only could a DIY job cost more in the end, but it could also take more time to complete. Professional painters can quickly assess the most efficient way to paint a room or structure and complete the work in a fraction of the time.


5. Stay Safe

Depending on the work involved, painting can be a dangerous job. Falling off even a short ladder can break bones or cause a head injury, not to mention the cost of cleaning and replacing furniture covered in paint. Professional painters take safety seriously and prepare extensively before each job.


Why hire commercial painters? To protect yourself from injury and your property from damage. To speak with a professional painter, contact Painter Pro by calling 317-210-5243 or emailing today!

repainting your commercial building

How Will Repainting Your Commercial Property Improve Business?

It always feels good to give your building a new coat of paint, but are there any ways it actually improves business? Yes! The following are just a few ways your business will benefit from a professional repainting job.

1. Creating a Memorable Brand

If the colors on your exterior signs are fading, it won’t be very memorable. If it is memorable, it will probably be because you’re the business with the faded signs. Instead, keep your brand vibrant and alive by repainting your exterior on a regular basis. Doing so will help to engrain your brand into the minds of clients, customers, and passersby. When they require your services, your well-painted sign will pop into their mind.

2. Increasing Productivity

Employees seem to work better and be more productive in an environment that is comfortable. With a new interior paint job, your employees will feel like they’re working in a beautiful area, even if they’re in a warehouse. You can also have different areas painted different colors to improve workflow between work stations and other areas of your business.

3. Raising the Return on Investment

A professional repaint job is an inexpensive way to give your exterior or interior commercial building a facelift. When you do, the value will go up. If you are considering selling or renting the building, you could possibly get more money simply due to the new paint job.

4. Staying Updated

Sometimes you need to change your look because of the changes in local or national trends. If your colors or designs are updated and kept current, you’ll be the business with the fresh ideas. Rather than being old news, you’ll more likely be the place customers will turn to when they want something new.

Creating a memorable brand, increasing productivity, increasing your ROI and keeping up with current trends are just a few ways professional repainting will improve business. Contact Painter Pro by calling 317-210-5243 or sending an email to today to learn more.

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